South Africa at the Polls

The final results of South Africa’s 5th “Free and Fair” democratic election since the dismantling of apartheid are all in and social media is buzzing with dismay. Whether it was a free and fair poll or not is not the quandary. How a political party with multiple problems could be reelected is. South Africans have just reelected a party that has yet to keep one of its campaign promises made for the last 5 elections it has won. At the helm remains a president with numerous corruption charges and character flaws exceeding the never changing spots on the proverbial leopard. A quick Google search will reveal the enormous extent of these accusations, proof and all. How can people be so deceived?
The mood is certainly one of troubled mistrust and dissatisfaction. I don’t think there is one simple “silver bullet” or cure for these ails, but here are some of my thoughts to ponder.
The only way real and meaningful change can come about is by means of a revolution of thinking.  To have any impact on staying the Five Laws of Decline (FLD’s) highlighted by Orrin Woodward in “Leadershift” that impact ALL modern societies (I explain briefly below), thinking needs to change across some fundamental behaviors, viz family, faith, freedom, finances, following (leadership and mentoring skills), friends, and so on (LIFE Leadership). When there are enough citizens that realize the need for this reformation, good thinking will follow, real change will result and a positive world shift can occur. Is this idealistic futurism? Not if we study history and take note of the moods prior to each of the previous world shifts that have occurred (about every 100 years), or the nature of the collapse of the worlds greatest civilizations.
The critical need I believe right now is for the true South African leaders to raise up other leaders, who in turn raise up other leaders who all buy into these disciplines: voracious readers, entrepreneurial in spirit, and have a tribal mindset and who are sick and done with the status quo and have the courage to polarize rather than to placate. 
The issue here is not color, jobs or lack thereof, or even political turmoil, but slavery. People who are slaves to broken thinking and to what they have become comfortable with. They don’t see any way out, and in fact the majority have become “Happy in their Subserviency” (Huxley – Brave New World).
The present political climate is a result of the the same poor thinking perpetuated from a misguided government who have instilled in society the concept of learned incompetence (themselves being their greatest students) and dependency – happy subserviency.
In Leadershift by Orrin Woodward and Oliver de Mille, societies decline is attributed to Five Laws. Sturgeons Law – 90% of everything is crud; Bastiats Law – Given repeated  “Handouts” and entitlements, society will eventually habitually take whatever they can get without working for it – the line of least resistance; Greshams Law – when the bad or lesser is consistently perpetuated over time it will eventually drive out the good; The Law of Diminishing Returns – you CAN have too much of a good thing. The more you experience of the good thing, your overall happiness and satisfaction will decline; Law of Inertia – a culture moving in a particular direction will increase its velocity until an outside force acts upon it.
In an earlier writing De Mille outlines a recipe for socio economic reform which has nothing to do with the socialist model being proposed by the ignorant masses.
What we need to bring about reform is a grassroots movement of citizens who will commit to the following:
1. Become Voracious Readers – read good books including the bible, and give careful thought to what you read, including the small print (by laws and ballot sheets)
2. Pursue Tribal Mentality – Connect and bond with a community of similar minded Rascals who have character born out of integrity multiplied by courage. Seek them out and associate with intention.
3. Seek out Entrepreneurial enterprise. Gain control of your future by defining the life you want, associating and learning from those who have the results that you desire, and then doing the things they do. Bring the wealth back into the citizens hands through ownership of the economic enterprise so that we can take the place of career politicians. Money has power!
I would add one more – with all your heart, pursue your God given purpose. We all have one. It consists of a light he has given us that was placed there for the whole world to see. It is unique and powerful and brings glory to Him when men and women see the good works that rise up as a result (Matt 5:16)
Remember, be true to yourself. Your success is a byproduct if personal integrity.
Fight the Good Fight!
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