I Hope You’re Hungry

Are you perfectly content with your life?

I hope not. I hope you’re hungry!

I hope you’re hungry. Hunger is a key component to all success.

I hope you’re hungry. Hunger leads to growth rather than grumbling, progress rather than protesting.

I hope you’re hungry. Hunger stretches the divine imagination beyond our wildest dreams and empowers us to action

I hope you’re hungry. Hungry is being grateful for what you have, while also striving for something better.

I hope you’re hungry. Hunger is being humble without being subservient.

I hope you’re hungry. Hunger is taking absolute responsibility for your life and your circumstances. The degree to which I give up responsibility or blame others determines the degree to which I can control the outcome.

“There’s no shortage of dissatisfied people in America. Unemployment, underemployment, investment losses, political scandal, the disappearance of the middle class and the widening gap between rich and poor, the erosion of trust in institutions have all taken their toll.

Far fewer, unfortunately, are the people who are truly hungry.

The foundation of dissatisfaction is entitlement. The foundation of hunger is hope!

Dissatisfied people look for handouts; hungry people look for opportunities. Dissatisfaction complains; hunger works. Dissatisfied people seek shortcuts; hungry people pay the price.

Dissatisfied is the entitled American whining about losing his job as he’s stretched out on the sofa collecting unemployment checks. Hungry is the hopeful immigrant hustling to make a buck as he’s stretched thin across three menial jobs.

A man decided to take his business to Mexico. He was told by many people, “Why in the world would you do that? Those people down there only earn about $700 a month. They don’t have any money to give you.”

He responded, “Yes, but the difference is this: In America, when I ask people if they want to make more money they say, ‘Do I have to do anything for it?’ In Mexico” (Steven Palmer)
If you’re one of the hungry ones you’ll love this song!

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