Drink Deep…

Welcome to my space! I trust you will do well in your search for truth. Above all, as you seek, my prayer is for you to find the Truth that is above all, the Truth that sets people free. He is way more than an idea, even more than a man…. He is God! He came to us as a man, Jesus, to reveal himself to us and to make a way for us to be reconciled to Him…to be one with Him as it was in the beginning… to fill this empty void that everyone has without Him, and to give us true freedom. He said of Himself, “Whom the Son (Jesus) sets free is free indeed”.

Universal focus is on the crisis of economy, health and atomic threat, yet the greatest crisis of all is the Freedom Crisis! It greatly overshadows the rest. Will we turn to the Government for our help, or will our help come from the Maker of Heaven and earth, the creator, sustainer of all things…The one who endowed us with intellect, enterprise, tenacity, independence and courage to face the struggle and change the world? Join the Freedom revolution. It’s more than just an idea – its a war!

This Blog is called the Rock Spot for a reason. We all make an impact on those around us in one way or another. It’s like when you throw a stone into a pond it causes ripples. The bigger the stone, the bigger the ripple. My heart cry is that for the sake of freedom we would all join the quest of throwing a BIGGER stone. Hopefully this blog will be the source of the rocks we need to throw into the pond of mediocrity that exists in our society today.

A good place to find a few good rocks is the page on the right, “Soulless Money Changers” Proceed with caution.

Just as a side note, be advised that links posted here should be followed with discretion. I do not by any means endorse or agree with every statement, but there are rocks of truth there that are useful to our search.

Thanks for coming along on this journey Outside the Safe Zone!


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