Change Is Challenging and Excellence Elusive

“Failures are more finely etched in our minds than triumphs, and success is an elusive, if not mythic, goal in our demanding society” (Hugh Drummond).

When I determine to advance to a new level of growth I will immediately be faced with the discomfort of new and different challenges. My old habits, thoughts and routines line up to resist change. Each obstacle seems insurmountable and creates a sense of personal defeat and despair. The easy way out would be to simply step back into the comfort zone and avoid the pain rather than struggle through this valley of despair.

To rise to the next level of success I know that I must press on through regardless. To accomplish this I must resolve to:

1. Remember my God given purpose. I must realign my thinking with my vision, and remind myself of the benefits of reaching my goal.

2. Make sure I have a clear plan and stick to it, avoiding any and all distractions that come my way. Start my plan early to be sure I stay on track.

3. Stay in touch with my mentor and associate with positive influences that have the same success mindset and draw from their personal experience and positive input.

4. Listen to audio that will assist in replacing the drone of my own negative self talk with positive statements of courage and affirmation.

5. Read at least 15 minutes a day out of books that will help me redirect and reframe the thoughts that misinform me about my true potential.

6. Spend regular quality time in the Scriptures and Prayer seeking God’s face and familiarizing myself with the Makers Manual.

Taking these simple steps will clear the noise of opposition in our minds that comes from past failures and experiences and make room for courage to find a home.



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